Monday, January 14, 2013

Some Odd Girl New Community

SOG just created a Ning community and wants to invite all other ODD lovers over.  They are having a contest which I hope my crafty followers will help me out with

I wasn't sure if I should call it a Contest or Game lol
Ok! This one is pretty easy peasy!
Know any other crafty friends who like Some Odd Girl and you think would love our new community? INVITE THEM OVER! Then ask them to just leave a comment here saying "(your name here) invited me!" 
Each comment with your name in it gets you an entry! The person with the most entries will get a $20 Some Odd Girl Gift Certificate!
"Entries" must be left in this post by MIDNIGHT EST on Jan 20th. 
So hit up your blog, facebook, twitter, message boards or where ever you frequent and send them our way :) 

So when you join do not forget to add..."Olivia invited me!"

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