Monday, October 22, 2012

Completely non crafty! Just sharing.

I have been fostering shelter puppies for about 2 years now. I have this lively sweet pie little girl coming to stay with me here in Jersey starting today. She was rescued from a high kill shelter in Virginia so is here to get a new chance.

I saw this great quote that I am not sure who said it but this is  for all my fellow volunteers regardless of what you do....hope it inspires you.

"I always thought someone should do something about that and then I realized I am that Somebody"...


  1. Olivia this is so cute and and how nice of you to do this. Love the quote too and by the way, welcome to the team :) I am so happy you are one of the lucky ones. PS Is your husband from Malta? Your surname is Maltese.

    Looking forward to get to know you better.

    1. Thanks so much Dora! I am SUPER excited. Hubby always said his father is Italian and Austrian but no real good connections to their family past. I will mention that to him though.

  2. OMGosh this little guy is so adorable! Good for you for taking care of puppies, that is so awesome. Love your sentiment. I love that and "be the change you want to see."