Thursday, September 19, 2013

Yumi and Fumi Altered Candle Tutorial

Hello everyone,

It is time for my mini-showcase here at Yumi & Fumi. Today I decided to do a picture tutorial on altering a candle. I love to do this project since it something that looks so difficult and cool but is very simple.

Here are the supplies you will need: Candle, Scissors, heat gun, stamp, ink pad, block, wax paper, tissue paper (and forgot to include in the picture your Copics)
Next you stamp your image onto the tissue paper. I am using Yumi and Bookbag for this one.

Then color as you wish. I used Pink Shades: R85-83-81, Gray C5,3,1, Skin: E53,51,50 and Hair E27,25,23. I also added a touch of stickle. Because you are coloring on tissue paper, keep it very light and it will BLEED through the back. I also add stickle (small amounts if you wish) at this step. Give it a little to dry.
Once done, trim your image close.

Next place your image where you want it on the candle, tightly wrap the wax paper around the image (keep it smooth). At this point take your heat gun and quickly run it over the image. You will see the tissue paper melt into the candle (this whole process take like 30 seconds). Do not melt too long or you will distort your picture.

The is done! You have a cool looking altered candle. My oldest has already called dibs on this one.

Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial. Any questions feel free to ask.


  1. Hi Olivia!
    Ok, so I love this project and tutorial! I have not done one of these since last Christmas! The end result is fantastic!! Thanks for sharing this tutorial and creating this awesome project!!

  2. Love this cute candle and the image is so adorable! Fabulous gift idea.